Sorlish Greatharbour

Sorlish Greatharbour is one of the largest cities in the central Asorl seas, and a major trade hub. It is an old city, at least 1000 years old in the most ancient districts.

The Island of Sorlish too is large and fertile, providing much of wood and arable crops to the central seas. Like the other Asorls the climate is warm but rarely humid. It gets a little colder in winter, but snow is uncommon. It is a land of red sandstones, rich clays and dark fertile soils – perfect for vineyards.

The city is ruled by a Senate, most members of which are nobles who own much of the island between them.

Harbour and docks

The heart of the city, the harbours and docks are sprawling and have their own sub-districts, according to the type of craft that are moored there. The surrounding city is full of taverns, hostels, warehouses, shipyards, markets, gambling dens, and more.

Much of the docks doubles as a market – known as the deck-markets. To save in unloading wares, merchant sea-captains present their commodities on deck and on the boardwalks. Buyers are able to walk along the piers looking for the goods they want. An ever changing network of shops that come and go with the tide, one never knows what could be found on some neglected jetty.

Cathedral of Countless Faces

A ramshackle building that has been constantly expanded over the centuries, the cathedral is home to countless altars to the gods of the peoples who have come to live in the city. The largest and most central shrines are to the Sorlish gods. Hidden away there may still be temples to the tiefling gods- or perhaps the demons that took their place.

The cathedral also has something on a shanty town attached to one side of it, as it cares for the homeless and newcomers to the city.

Civic Palace

Originally built by the Tifvataal empire when it ruled the Asorl sea, the palace is now the centre of government and civic life. The Senate meets here.

There district around the palace sees more upmarket merchants, and various city institutions, such as city watch, bank and mint, and so on.

Sorlish is nominally a democracy, although since the Noble houses have automatic and influential presence in the senate, it is closer to an Oligarchy or Timocracy. There is especially fierce political manoeuvring amongst nobles to be elected Chaiman. Currently the patriach of House Vaetus is pushing for Sorl to expand its influence. Secretly he dreams of being head of a new empire.

Other Places on the Isle of Sorl

Sorl is a very large island state. There is a lot to see, and lots going on.

Arena Valley

Nearby the greatharbour is the valley that plays home to the Great Sorlish Games. The valley forms a natural stadium, but it now also includes man-made arenas of varying sizes, an athletes’ village, training grounds, animal compounds and everything else needed to run keep the games running. The valley is the most ancient and holy place on the island, and the surrounding sunbaked mountains are known to contain tombs of long forgotten athletes and heroes.

Noble Estates

The nobles of Sorl and the surrounding isles own large tracts of land, including farms and gardens. They often have large villas which serve as family homes – although they often have property in Great Harbour as well.

Nobles and their associates may be encountered either in their own estates but PCs are more likely to meet them in Sorlish Greathabour first before finding a reason to visit their lands or villas.

Some of the Noble Houses: Vaetus, Dobelard, Em-Ain( Eladrin), Lorteido, Mathtemidi, Winsdale (extinct)

NAMES: Sorlish names are based on Latin. However, it is a major melting pot and will have names from other locations in the isles too. Many names may be left over from the days of rule by Tifvitaal ie Phoenician.

Sorlish Greatharbour

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