Raftlings (sometimes called halflings) are pygmy nomads of the sea, and are often known as raft folk, living as they do on pontoons that they sail from island to island, trading as they go. Their skin is dark and they are often hairless. They are unrivaled swimmers.

They congregate their rafts into great floating villages. If a merchant vessal comes across one of these in the open sea they are in luck, as there are few better places to trade and gather information.

Raftlings are slightly cautious of other races. They have islands with hidden harbours of their own that they berth in during seasons of bad weather, but they go to great lengths to keep these places secret.

Raftlings are not fey, as far as anyone can tell.

Raftlings may take the raft folk background, which gives +2 sailing and +1 to swim checks.


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