Player Classes

Due to the nature of the Isles, some classes will find that the culture treats them slightly differently.

Martial Classes

Fighters and Warlords are as common as anywhere. Most professional soldiers are trained marines. Others might be island militia or guardsmen. Fighters might also be more primitive warriors.
Fighters may find that heavy armour is both hard to come by and a liability when at sea.

Rangers and Rogues fair well in the isles, due to their nimbleness and lesser reliance on armour and the not infrequent opportunities to get into and find a way out of trouble .

Primal Classes

Primal magic is probably the common type in the isles. Primal magic users are often highly regarded and many are the head of their community. Primal magic users are either groomed from a young age or ‘chosen’ my primal spirits. Communication with primal spirits is a common ritual carried out by primal magic users.

Arcane Classes

Arcane magic is, in its current form, a young magic and still slightly distrusted. Users are not uncommon and are accepted on most isles but often treated as slightly eccentric. Arcane magic requires either much study, fey blood or some highly unusual magical incident.

Of the arcane classes, Bards have the oldest tradition and are most widely accepted.

Divine Classes

Divine magic is rare in the isles; the majority of islands have primal practices. Nevertheless it is said that every island has a god (and some seas too) and larger islands often lift worship of their deity or deities to the level of organised religion. Such devotion and beatific attitude lead to gifts of divine magic. Still, with the exception of the occasional prophet, the gods themselves are silent.

Other Classes
At present, psionic and shadow power classes are virtually unheard of in the Isles

Player Classes

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