North Rime

To the North of the Autumn Straits lies the area known as North-Rime, or the Northern Cold Ocean, or sometimes simply The Rime.

There is no clear border between the Straits and North Rime – generally any island North of Redgate can be considered part of the Rime. Others contend that it depends on the time of year, and how far South the ice floes penetrate.

Trade-lands are even more sparse than usual in the Northern Ocean, and most of those that do exist have infrequent contact with Tradenet ships.

Several cultures exist there, ranging from belligerent pale-skinned, slave-taking Raider-Kings close to the Straits, to smaller isolated communities of herders and fishermen that live further out in the permafrost (although disparate, those in more Southern climes sometimes refer to them in general as Ice-Fishers). Some of these cultures seem to be influenced strongly by non-human cultures that they interacted with in the past.

The Rime is a dangerous region. Quite apart from the harsh environmental conditions, giant sea-creatures, monsters and dangerous non-humans are more common there. There are legends of ancient empires that aroze from the North before falling prior to the rise of Tifvitaal. If tales are to be believed then there are also terrifying evil spirits and even more unnatural things never heard of in warmer climes. Only the most daring or most desperate trade-captains take their vessels into The Rime, and then only on well established routes and never without protection.

Nobody knows what lies even further North of The Rime.

Naming scheme suggestions: Raider-Kings = Viking, Norwegian, Finnish; Ice-Fishers = Native American (various tribes), Sami.

North Rime

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