Eladrin (sometimes called high elves) have embraced the sea, although in truth their command of the waves has less to do with natural sailing skill and more to do with their spells and rituals that allow their mage-captains to put wind in their sails at a whim. Their fleets are made of swift yachts and cutters.

Eladrin often cross from the feywaters to the sunlit world, and have settlements in both. In the mundane world they often mix with other races, whereas their fey isles are much more difficult to find. Some are rumoured to float through the skies or beneath the waves of the fey realm.

Eladrin are sophisticated and highly cultured. They value arts of all kinds. They are social, although their own largest settlements rarely exceed a few hundred individuals.

Eladrin settlements are small, self contained and usually very secure – underground or in a single camouflaged structure. Despite this, interiors will be spacious and airy; their architectural style can be described as “bring the outdoors in”.

At first glance most Eladrin appear to live in luxury. They sometimes employ servants of other races (humans or benevolent goblin-folk like brownies). These will normally be well treated and well payed, but evil Eladrin may not be so kind.

In fact most Eladrin live fairly spartan lives (compared to human nobility), but they endeavor to make the trappings they do have as beautiful as possible – from clothes to decoration to food to music. Spells of glamour are used to heighten this. Elegance is more important to them than excess.

Eladrin society is highly political. Everything is carried out with much etiquette and tradition. Good manners are considered very important, even between enemies.

The difference between elves and eladrin is more due to upbringing than biology.

Eladrin names are based on Gaelic, Welsh and Mannaan. May also include a little of Tolkien’s Sindarin.


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