Dwarfs are a little different to how they appear in most settings. The main trait is that they are mostly solitary, rather than living in underground communes.

Each dwarf spends most of his life searching for the ideal place to build his hermitage, siring children with any female dwarfs he happens to fall for along the way. They favour mountains for their retreats, where they can spend their long old-age in contemplation of the world. A dwarf can sit and think for hours or days on end.

Because of this culture dwarfs are slightly more inclined to magical classes than might be expected. They still mine though, but not as industriously as in other worlds, and instead look for small quantities of gems and precious metal.

Dwarfs are fey creatures. In fact they look like an elf might if shrunken an aged – except that elves do not grow old this way.

Although not an especially seafaring as a race, individual dwarfs make excellent sailors due to their hardiness, and are much sought after for this reason. Dwarfs, when they do build boats, construct small coracles or sedate barges.


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