Autumn Straits

The Autumn Straits are a dense network of temperate islands to the North of the Asorl Sea.

The straits are well populated but centres of government are sparse – most settlements are villages or small towns.

Fishing is good in the cold waters of the straits, and the islands also boast a larger abundance of meat than elsewhere – mostly goats and sheep that live on the grassier and otherwise deserted islands. An Autumn straits goatherd might have flocks on a number of adjacent islands. Other major exports are bronze and hemp.

Fey are more populous in the Autumn Straits than anywhere else in the Trade-net and more known fey-shores abide there. Many human Autumn villages are aware of fey paths or places nearby, which they treat with respect (and often a little a fear).

To the North of the Autumn Straits is the North Rime; a much less accessible zone. 40 years ago saw a large war between the people of the Straits and a massive horde of men, goblin-fey and monsters that descended from The Rime. Although the war was won in the favour of the Autumn Straits (with aid from Sorlish) there are still problems with slavers and Raider-Kings from the immediate North.

Autumn Straits naming schemes and cultural reference: British Isles and Northern Europe (especially Welsh and Irish), bronze age and Celtic culture

Autumn Straits

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